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Antiochus I 
Fallen head of Antiochus I of Commagene at Nemrud Dagh.
Photo by Klearchos
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Online articles by Don Stone:
 Antigonid Macedonia
   "The Wives and Children of Demetrius II" — a review which concludes that Phthia is most likely the mother of Philip V of Macedonia.
 Seleucid Syria
   "The Wives of the Sons of Antiochos III" — a review focusing on the evidence analyzed by Iossif & Lorber (2007) and a recent re-evaluation.
   "Could Laodice, Wife of Seleucus IV and Mother of Demetrius I of Syria, Have Been the Daughter of Philip V of Macedonia?".
   "Laodice, Daughter of Seleucus IV" — a review which concludes that the background of Laodice, wife of Demetrius I Soter of Syria, is uncertain. (There is a chronological argument against her being the sister of Demetrius and widow of Perseus of Macedonia.)
   "Proposed Corrections to Malalas 207-208 concerning Alexander Balas."
 Bithynia (Macedonia, etc.)
   "Ancestry of Prusias Monodous of Bithynia" — an interactive chart where you can choose among alternative hypotheses or reconstructions and immediately see the consequences of your choice. The motivation for this chart is to explore possible paths by which the genetic mutation causing gemination (teeth fusion) might have been inherited from Pyrrhus I of Epirus.
 Arsacid Parthia (Armenia, Iberia)
   "Analysis of the Wife of Vologaeses V of Parthia" — a review of Toumanoff's proposed Iberian origin for this wife, based on his reconstruction of early Iberian material.
Online articles to which Don Stone has contributed:
 Seleucid Syria
   "The Children of Antiochos III: A Revised Approach" by Renzo Lucherini (2014/2015) — a detailed review of the genealogical information we have about Antiochos III of Syria and his children.
   "A Proposed Paternity for Ptolemaios of Kommagene: Mithradates, Nephew of Antiochos III" by Renzo Lucherini (2017) — an investigation of the shadowy figure of Mithradates, son of a sister of the Seleukid king Antiochos III, proposing that he is the ancestor of the line of the Kommagenian sovereigns which included Ptolemaios and later Antiochos I.

Other items:
   Discussion of chart notation.

Watch this space for information about a forthcoming book on genealogical connections with antiquity.
The early medieval and high medieval portion of the major line in this book is covered in the article "[Eirene?], First Wife of Emperor Isaakios II Angelos, is a Probable Tornikina and Gateway to Antiquity" by Don C Stone and Charles R Owens, published in Foundations, vol. 3, no. 5 (January 2011). (See a partial summary here.)  "[Eirene?]" is an ancestor of the following three people, who have altogether many millions of descendants in England and in lands where English emigrants settled:
   Marguerite of France, second wife of Edward I, King of England;
   Blanche of Artois, married second to Edmund, Earl of Lancaster;
   Isabelle of France (granddaughter of Blanche of Artois by her first marriage), wife of Edward II and mother of Edward III.
The following chart illustrates these connections:
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Chart notation:

  Marriage numbers are placed on the same side of the marriage symbol (=) as the person to whom the number applies.
  No number is used if a person was married only once.


  In this chart three vertical dots indicate descents to the present.

Credits for coats of arms:


  England until 1340 - Wikimedia User: Sodacan.
  Other arms assembled by Don Stone from components created by Sodacan and Wikimedia User: Heralder.

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