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Analysis of the Wife of Vologaeses V of Parthia
by Don Charles Stone

Iberian sources (itemized in Cyril Toumanoff's 1969 Traditio paper "Chronology of the Early Kings of Iberia," p. 17) say that Rev I, King of Iberia, was the son of a king of Armenia and of a sister of Amazaspus II of Iberia (son of Pharasmanes III):
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Toumanoff believed that the Armenian king who fathered Rev I was Vologaeses II, and thus (in his 1990 Les dynasties de la Caucasie chrétienne, etc.) he presented Vologaeses's wife as this daughter of Pharasmanes III:
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Settipani's 1991 Nos ancêtres de l'Antiquité, p. 73, makes the case that Rev is more likely for onomastic reasons to be son of Pacorus of Armenia than of Vologaeses. In addition, Settipani's 2006 Continuité des élites à Byzance durant les siècles obscurs: Les princes caucasiens et l'Empire du VIe au IXe siècle, p. 106, n. 4, expresses doubt that Vologaeses V of Parthia was previously king of Armenia, saying that this is not attested by reliable sources. (On the other hand, a number of modern Armenian scholars accept this Vologaeses II of Armenia, e.g., Nina Garsoïan in The Armenian People from Ancient to Modern Times, 1: 71, 94, and Robert Bedrosian, This acceptance may be in part because of Toumanoff's demonstration in his 1969 Revue des etudes arméniennes paper "The Third Century Arsacids" that the Armenian kingdom served as a kind of dauphinat for the Arsacid dynasty of Parthia.) Settipani says of these early Iberian sources that, "si toutefois, on devait accepter leur témoignage pour cette période," i.e., "if, however, one were to accept their evidence from this period," then Rev would be the son of Pacorus:
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Settipani also mentions that in the Iberian chronicles it was an Armenian king named Artashes who was the father of Rev I of Iberia; the father of Pacorus of Armenia may have had the similar name Axidares. If Settipani is correct that the father of Rev was Pacorus, then the aforementioned Iberian sources don't give us information about the wife of Vologaeses V of Parthia.

Settipani's Continuité des élites à Byzance, p. 106, n. 4, presents some recently discovered information about Drakontis, the wife of a King Amazaspus and apparently the daughter of a Vologaeses, King of Armenia (perhaps the Vologaeses who ruled from 117 to 138/140), according to a reconstruction of some damaged text. Cf.